Geopressure Prediction

Understanding the hydrogeology and pressure regime of a prospect is critical to developing a clear picture of how fluids are migrating and being trapped in the prospect. Unfortunately, most prospects are developed without this critical information, which leads to a significantly larger number of dry holes in wildcat drilling.

PPZG offers superior solutions in geopressure that will enhance your exploration efforts and dramatically reduce your drilling and completion costs.

Prospect scale pressure analysis is typically done on 3D seismic data and uses dense velocity analysis to obtain a detailed velocity structure that can be mapped into pressure using our expert knowledge. The result of such a pressure analysis is a detailed 3D pressure map of the subsurface that can be integrated with hydrogeologic flow modeling to determine the hydraulic behavior of the geological system, and better predict where hydrocarbons will migrate and be trapped, and whether regional and local seals will hold the hydrocarbon accumulations.

Engineering_PorePressure prediction

Generated pore pressure model

Pore pressure prediction using conventional stacking velocity (a) and tomographic velocity (b)

Pore Pressure Prediction

Quantitative 3D pressure data can improve well design and drilling risk management