AVO Analysis

The amplitude character of seismic reflections varies with offset, due to changes in the angle of incidence. The technique of Amplitude Versus Offset analysis(AVO) helps interpreting geophysicists significantly enhance the possibilities of reservoir properties prediction, thus reducing exploration drilling risk.

PPZG approach to AV0 analysis is aimed at understanding the full range of physical properties of the rocks and fluids that may be present in the subsurface. Rather than starting with an observed AVO anomaly and generating a discrete earth model that matches and using this to evaluate risk, we start by looking at the geology and the range of possible rock properties.

To risk a prospect we must know how closely the AVO matches the expected response for oil or gas and how closely it matches brine or other lithologic responses that could mislead the interpreter. PPZG offers the full range of AVO and other offset-dependent analysis methods that are designed to accurately predict the rock and fluid properties in the subsurface.

AVO and simultaneous inversion results

AVO classification using intercept versus gradient cross plot

AVO gather simulation

Fracture  detection using Azimuthal-AVO Attribute

Limestone and Dolomite discrimination using AVO analysis