Reservoir Parameters Estimation

Reservoir characterization includes determination of reservoir limits, structure, volume and reservoir properties (porosity, permeability, net pay thickness, heterogeneity etc).

The prediction of reservoir properties is one of the most feasible approaches for determining new exploration objects, selecting an optimal exploration and exploitation program, improving the success ratio of drilling and finally improving the exploration economic benefit. The variation of the reservoir properties can influence in the rock velocity and density, and then cause the change of the energy, frequency and velocity of seismic reflection waves.

PPZG offers prediction of porosity distribution, water saturation and shale content distribution for reservoir levels.

The success of reservoir characterization depends on the comprehensive integration of various disciplines. Complex structural interpretation results, seismic/sequence stratigraphy approach, core/log data, common geological knowledge and depositional/facies environment modeling are essential parts in reservoir geological model building.

High-resolution petrophysical estimation

Map illustrating the Phi prediction based on the interpolated AVO Rp-Rs data

Multi-linear regression predicted porosity map

Porosity cube prediction from seismic attributes

Reservoir parameters prediction from seismic data