Magnetotelluric (MT)

Magnetotelluric (MT) is a passive surface geophysical method used to determine the electrical resistivity of the subsurface to great depth. It is effective for mapping conductive zones, as well as deep-seated structures. It is applicable for mineral exploration, geothermal exploration, and oil & gas exploration.

PPZG delivers safe and high-quality data designing, processing, inversion, interpretation and consulting services on a custom basis to meet the needs of clients' specific projects.

MT measurements are flexible, low-impact ground geophysical methods employed to produce 2D and 3D electrical resistivity earth models. MT has particular applicability for reconnaissance in advance of seismic surveys and to provide electrical resistivity and geometrical information to enhance seismic interpretation, particularly in terrains where seismic data quality has been degraded. This is then interpreted in terms of lithology. To transform the impedances to the resistivity distribution within the earth, we use 2D or 3D inversion technique.