2D & 3D Seismic Data Interpretation

All of the information gathered in the exploration process must be pulled together in the interpretation of seismic data. The task of interpreting seismic data requires a broad range of skills and knowledge that must tie information at the basin scale to the prospect and wellbore scale.

PPZG offers profound experience and skill in interpreting 2D , 3D and 3C of seismic data from the most demanding areas. Expertise of our interpretation team guarantees high quality product, reducing exploration risk. We Provide main interpretation services:

  • The normal structural interpretation
  • Stratigraphic interpretation
  • Fault interpretation

Robust seismic interpretation forms the basis for nearly all of the analysis that leads to the discovery of new reserves. PPZG offers the services of a group of senior interpretation geophysicists who have worked a wide range of basins. Technical capabilities of our interpretation service encompass integrated regional studies of the sedimentary basins, identify and proposing of prospects for exploration drilling with the giving of the recommendations on the optimum well location, petrophysical analysis, reservoir study and geological modeling.

Structural seismic interpretation and subsurface configuration of basins

Seismic stratigraphy and facies analysis

Seismic interpretation and underground mapping of prospective traps

Mapping subsurface structures using seismic data

3D seismic fault interpretation

Detected buried salt bodies via structural seismic interpretation