2D & 3D Seismic Data Processing

The level of sophistication of today´s geophysical analysis toolkit requires that more focus be placed on the quality of the seismic data that is being used. PPZG provides full-cycle seismic processing and imaging that is designed to provide the client with the most robust data possible. PPZG provides a full service 2D and 3D processing capability to address the most difficult exploration or production problems faced by our clients.

Processing being performed by PPZG is aimed to receive maximal time resolution, to increase signal/noise ratio and to define dynamic response and velocity characteristics of the subsurface.

Also, PPZG offers Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) services for those clients that do not have the internal resources to ensure high quality contractor processing results.

PPZG has well-defined processing standards for preserving amplitude and phase information, stratigraphic information and structural information. QA/QC services will directly affect:

  • Amplitude and phase of the seismic data
  • Resolution of subtle prospects
  • Structural /Stratigraphic interpretation
  • Geopressure prediction

PSDM Velocity Analysia

Shot Gather Before and After noise attenuation

Stack Section before and after noise attenuation - above, Stack Section before and after first residual static correction - below.

Velocity Color Map

Velocity Panel - Semblance_ Gather _ Constant Velocity Stack